Why You need Buyer Representation

Lately, I’ve run across several buyers who don’t understand the necessity of having a buyer’s agent when purchasing a home. Sometimes they think if they approach a builder directly, they’ll save money by not using an realtor. Sometimes, they think if they call each listing agent to show them a particular property, should they decide to buy, they’ll save money by not using a realtor. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s why…

With regard to new construction, a productive, connected realtor will know which homes or communities have various incentives (savings to the buyer) and will also know how to negotiate the price down even further after ensuring their client receives those incentives. There are all kinds of “extras” that home buyers never even think to ask about, that a sharp realtor will know to include in the deal. With Texas being a non-disclosure state, the actual sold prices of homes are not made public (even though some websites make you believe differently) and the only access to the correct data is with your realtor. Additionally, if the buyer has a home to sell, the coordination of both closings takes a professional so that you’re not spending the night in a moving van!

Those buyers who enjoy calling every listing agent to show them their listing don’t understand that the listing agent represents the Seller. The negotiated listing fee is paid regardless of whether there is a buyer’s agent or not. There is no cost savings here. Since the seller is paying the same, it behooves the buyer to have an agent who represents their best interests in proper offer and negotiation strategies, inspection and resulting repair negotiations, and a host of other things that often occur in the purchase transaction. Your buyer’s agent is working for you for free. Take advantage of it!

While the internet has revolutionized the home search experience, it takes a dedicated, seasoned professional to handle the transaction properly all the way through closing. If you’re thinking of buying a home in the near future, call me and let’s get the process started with mortgage pre-qualification and targeting the best homes for you!

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