Filing your Texas Homestead Exemption

Filing your Texas Homestead Exemption is fairly simple and free!  Do not pay an outside solicitor to file this for you!

If you purchased a home in 2014, you will need to file your homestead exemption between January 1 and April 30, 2015 in order to receive a reduction or credit toward your home’s valuation from which your taxes are calculated.

The good news is you only need to file your Texas homestead exemption once for the entire time you live at your home address.  Should you own multiple properties in Texas, you can only have one homestead exemption at a time.

For Tarrant County residents, you can visit, or simply click here Tarrant-County-Homestead Form.

For Dallas County residents, visit, enter your specific property address and it should direct you to an online exemption form.

For more North Texas Area Real Estate information, visit


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